The Prince of Parody is BACK with a NEW album! This time, Double A (formerly known as A.P.T.) has created another 10-song collection spoofing music's biggest hits from the last year, one that's sure to have your sides splitting with laughter!

Track Listing:

01. (Ebola Song) Don't Get Me Sick Too!! (Big Sean IDGAF Parody)
02. Shoot You In The Face (Meghan Trainor ALL ABOUT THAT BASS Parody)
03. Boom! Smack! (Charli XCX BOOM! CLAP! Parody)
04. Spirit Airlines (Eminem MONSTER/RAP GOD Parodies)
05. Solange is Drunk (Beyonce DRUNK IN LOVE Parody)
06. I'm Christian (2 Chainz I'M DIFFRENT Parody)
07. Slutty at the VMAs (Miley Cyrus PARTY IN THE U.S.A. Parody)
08. Crampy (Iggy Azaelia FANCY Parody)
09. White House Lifestyle (Young Thug LIFESTYLE Parody)
10. Control 2: The MCs Kendrick Forgot To Mention (Kendrick Lamar CONTROL VERSE Parody)
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